A Cinematographer plays the pivotal role in the making of a film or TV show. The basics of Motion Picture photography for both film and video is meticulously covered in the course. Students are trained exclusive by industry professionals who share their decade long experiences in hands-on mentoring.

Course Outline

  • ABC of still and motion picture photography
  • Types of light source and their application in practice
  • Filter and Color Temperature, Depth of Field – their aesthetic use
  • Camera, character synchronized movement – Visualization process as per the need of the screenplay
  • Static and Moving Blocks – Various Styles of Composition
  • Basics of Lighting – Light design as element of composition, contrast formation and creation of different moods
  • Language of Continuity shoot – Single and Multi-camera placements
  • Cinematographic Styles – Roots and reasons
  • Different digital formats – Understanding the digital image – How to choose your camera
  • Principles of Optics – Understanding light
  • Assignments and Group Projects on Digital Camcorder / DSLR


Graduation or its equivalent qualifications will be considered based on the performance in the audition. The applicants may be invited to attend and participate in a one day group workshop session.