Rendezvous with film director K D Satyam
at Atharva Film Institute

'Small town boy-girl with a big Bollywood dream' has been fodder for many a Bollywood film over the years. It’s always all about a wild passion, hysterical craze, and an indomitable spirit that rule the roost.

It is as filmy and tough a journey as the harsh reality revolving around the 'Maya Nagari' that shelters Bollywood.

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By Abhijeet Tayung

The 'plagiarism controversy' sorrounding the recently released film 'Raabta' has died a silent death following the withdrawal of the plea against it. The film was alleged to be made along the lines of a famous South Indian movie and makers of the film were accused of stealing the plot.

The film was alleged to be made along the lines of a famous South Indian movie and makers of the film were accused of stealing the plot.

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By Abhijeet Tayung

Synopsis: Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) lands in Budapest after securing a banker job and happens to meet Saira (Kriti Sanon)-

a chocolatier there. Turns out this is not their maiden meeting. They had already met, not in this life time but in the previous one. They share a past where the soulmates couldn't live happily ever after. Devil follows them through to this lifetime as well and comes in the way once again. How they overcome the devil constitutes rest of the proceedings.

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'BAHUBALI - THE CONCLUSION' - is a new beginning in fact

Finally, we have the answer as to why 'Kattappa killed Bahubali' !!.

The suspense that gripped the entire nation through last one and a half year may have been over but the frenzy is yet to die down and the aura around 'Bahubali' is definitely there to stay. 'Bahubali - the conclusion' has in fact kicked off a new era in Indian cinema. Never before, in the history of Indian cinema has a film found such a huge pan indian audience. Over the years, many Hindi films have been received well down South and many South Indian films have done well in North . But it is for the first time that a film has received such an overwhelming pan Indian acceptance rising above the ever existing division of these two parallel industries.

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BAAHUBALI : THE CONCLUSION - Wins the hearts over!
Atharva Rating - ****1/2

Rajamouli doesnot simply recreate the magic, he raises the bar!!

Beautiful kingdom of ‘Mahismati’ is what one would never like to be banished from. That's the kind of feeling we get at the end of the film. This land of supreme natural beauty is the replica of what we refer to as "Heaven" or have an image of it in our collective consciousness. As we take a ride through the kingdom of ‘Mahismati’ we find everything similar to that of a heaven in our folklores and mythological stories.
Director Rajamouli's imagination of ‘Mahismati Kingdom’ leaves us with our senses at large.

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Can we imagine a film without visuals?

The answer to this small question tells us the importance of ‘Cinematography’ and the vital role it plays in the process of film making.
If film making is all about storytelling through the vision of the director, it is the cinematographer who brings this vision alive on screen.
In the ever-growing showbiz industry, the cinematographer is without any doubt one of the most sought after positions and lucrative at that.
As opposed to the popular belief, cinematography is not only about recording with a a camera or handling of camera for that matter.

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Why do we feel the adrenaline rush or the nervous energy running down the spine or the goose bumps while watching a movie?
Brilliant acting! Excellent visuals! Breathtaking action sequence or the creative genius of the director?
Yes, all of them but the question here is "would it have been possible without that electrifying sound which runs down the ears, stirring up every humanly sense of ours?"
It's quite apparent that if not for the sound, the impact wouldn't have been the same. The sound designer works closely with the director and designs the sound as per the theme or the conceptual requirements of the film.

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Making a film – easier than before?

Going by the trend what we can see is making a film specially a short film has become much easier an affair than it used to be couple of years back from now. The advent of low cost DSLRs, Handy Cams, and Smart phones with considerably good resolution cameras combined with easily available editing tools has made it possible. Add to that, likes of ‘You Tube’ and other online sites providing the platform to show case ones’ cinematic experiments and helping them reach out to the masses are further facilitating the trend. As a result, internet is getting flooded with thousands of short films being made almost every day.

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Direction For Film And Television

A film is the result of many creative processes directed towards a single goal - tell the Story. And to tell the story through a film what's indispensable are the tools such as cinematography, writing, editing, music, sound design, production design, or costumes etc. and off course the actors. While every single aspect is looked after by a head of the particular department, 'Director' is the one who coordinates all these creative activities involved towards the making of a film. In other words, director is the head of the entire creative team consisting of cinematographer, editor, sound designer, music director, action director, writers, actors etc.

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