Script Writing for Film and Television - 6 months, three-hour sessions. Weekend batches offered too.

Script writing school in Mumbai

Screenplay is the heart of any film or TV show. But, very few creative artists are gifted or trained enough to sculpt out an alternate, heightened dream out of the mundane reality. The fast expansion of the entertainment industry fails to meet its own requirement of talented screenwriters. You can play the most pivotal role in shaping the film & TV industries, by coming up with new ideas, novel forms of narration and concepts.

Atharva Institute of Film and Television (AIFT)Certificate course in Script Writing prepares you to the career of the writer of dreams.

  • Evolution of Screenplay: The Silent Era, The Talkies, The Studio System, Deviations
  • Basics of Writing: Writing Tools, Concept Development
  • Assemblage of Story from elements of folk tales: Building Blocks of Story
  • The Three Act and Five Act Structure
  • Screenplay Outline v/s Treatment Characterization: Character’s Biography
  • Dialogue: Characterization by dialogue – Text and Subtext
  • Showcase: Indian Scriptwriters
  • Writing for TV, Ads, Features Film, Short Films, Documentaries and Corporate Ads