Production Management for Film & TV - 5 months, three-hour sessions. Additional projects. Weekend batches offered too.

Film Production Management Courses Mumbai

5 months, three-hour sessions. Additional projects. Weekend batches offered too.

Films and TV shows come to life by efficient managers behind them – Executive Producers. Excellent man-management skill, potential for quick decision taking on the basis of available information, planning and designing a project through a holistic Understanding of the workflow in the age of digital media – these are some of the core skills for a successful EP.

AIFT Production Management Course is unique in this aspect. It provides you with an insider’s view to the system. Previously, one could have attained name as a good Executive Producer through years of toil and service under different production teams. With this course designed by AIFT, the decade-long preparation is cut short to 5 months, setting you on footprints of industry experts.

  • From script to shoot – an in-depth knowledge of various departments
  • Structure of the Indian film industry: production, distribution and exhibition
  • Writing the business plan
  • Understanding the Screenplay structure
  • In-depth knowledge about the producer roles during the filmmaking process
  • Building up a project with cast and Crew: Delegation of responsibilities
  • Exposure to Movie magic budgeting software
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Legal Agreements
  • Production and Post - Production
  • Marketing and promotions – Publicity and Marketing; Marketing Concepts and Distribution Strategies

You will be trained by professionals who take time out from their busy schedule to teach you the secrets of the trade. After the completion of the course, you will be absorbed by the ever–growing industry in the role of Junior or Assistant Producer.

Entrance to the course is open for applicants aged 18 and above with 10+2 / Diploma / Graduation or its equivalent qualifications will be considered based on the performance in the audition. The applicants may be invited to attend and participate in a one day group workshop session.